We are one parish with two worship centres, Holy Trinity Hadley and Christ Church Wellington, which are home to congregations in the liberal Catholic tradition of the Church of England. Our worship includes both traditional and modern styles. The Parish is a Fair Trade Parish.

Our Vision Statement - We plan through prayer and hard work to be a church that:-

  • Grows closer to God
  • Reaches out to the local community
  • Openly proclaims God’s love and salvation
  • Welcomes all
  • Seeks to be a growing family.

Easter 2014


The Easter Story is, if followed through Easter Week, a tremendous contrast of light and shade, sweet and sour. Moments of elation, depths of despair, as the journey to the Cross proceeds. We are invited to follow Christ, to take up our Cross and walk in his way. How could we possibly do that in our humanity, what can make this more than an intention bound to fail. The Easter message concludes with the hope and the knowledge that just as Jesus was transformed and raised to a new life, then so are we. our hopes and fears become his concern, and our failures become his probabilities. Let go..... and allow God to catch you. Life will never be the same again!

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